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Memoirs of a Midwesterner

Editor's Picks, Poetry

By Elgin Tolliver / I came to in a strange hotel, fresh off a tryst with Madame de Pompadour. King Louis didn’t like it, but the gods...

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The Vautrin Winter 2020 Issue Is Available Now (Order It Here)

Editor's Picks

A good short story grabs you with a compelling voice while going where you’ve never been.  In the Winter 2020 issue of Vautrin,...

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Notes on Nick Kolakowski’s Jake Halligan Novels

Book Reviews, Editor's Picks

By Elgin Tolliver / Who doesn’t want a sister like Jack Halligan’s sister Frankie in Nick Kolakowski’s novels about...

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Vautrin Summer 2020 Issue Available Now

Editor's Picks

Balzac had Le Voleur.  Chandler had The Black Mask.  You’ve got Vautrin. Highlights of the summer 2020 issue include: A...

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The Man from the Golden Age

Editor's Picks, Essays

It comes through when you talk to him.  It’s reflected in the cozy, retro feel of his shop at Northwest 23rd Street in Oklahoma...

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A Girl’s Guide to the Dark Arts

Editor's Picks, Fiction, Trending

Is it not written on the sandals of the prostitute—follow me? —Austin Osman Spare...

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