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Vautrin Summer 2020 Issue Available Now

Volume 2, Issue 1

Balzac had Le Voleur.  Chandler had The Black Mask.  You’ve got Vautrin.

Highlights of the summer 2020 issue include:

  • A rendezvous with commerce for Scott Phillips’s wily rogue, Bill Ogden, set in early twentieth century Los Angeles
  • Voice and intrigue to the fore in short stories by Ellery Queen stalwarts Marilyn Todd and Leslie Elman
  • Variations on that theme via poetry by David Weed and Scott Richard
  • Impressionistic short fiction by Trista Wilson
  • A spot-on take on James Sallis by Bruce Jacobs
  • Paul Dee Fecteau trips on the High Priestess in his latest essay about Tarot and film
  • Jason Quinn Malott trains his eye on the type of fiction that’s worth pursuing
  • In a pseudonymous effort from Cat Cornelius, Amethyst found a flaw in the fabric of time.  Can a man called the Mechanic fix it?
  • Black Mask fiction from Ward Sterling
  • Carlos Herrera catches up with Nigel Strode as the political consultant balances desire and the uphill battle to reelect the GOP’s finest

Order the Summer issue from Watermark Books & Café: https://www.watermarkbooks.com/book/9780983679936

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