Submission Guidelines

Vautrin is closed to submissions until further notice, with the following points to the fore:

We are working on a remedy for one or two of the conditions that make it a challenge to stay in business. The possible remedies do not, however, include turning Vautrin into an online only magazine. This is not to suggest that online only magazines are not great. Rather, we’re inspired to keep on with the paperback.

Blame it on John O’Hara. But at Vautrin, after reading “Ninety Minutes Away” in The Hat on the Bed, there is a full-on jones for longer stories. Novelettes? Possibly. Whatever the gods have to say about stories in the 7,500 to 17,000-ish word range. A bit more room to tell the tale, to explore voice, theme, character and scenes. Though we still like stories that move. If we succeed in working out a few of the aforementioned details, there is no doubt we’ll reopen submissions. Watch for the word range defined herein to be in the guidelines. And wouldn’t it be a pleasure if writers show up with something sublime.

The pay rate is under review for various reasons, among them the longer format.

No flash fiction.

No reprints.

Limit one story submission per writer.

Do we allow simultaneous submissions? Yes.


“Of offering more than what I can deliver, I have a bad habit, it is true. But I have to offer more than what I can deliver, to be able to deliver what I do.” –Ken Kesey


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