Submission Guidelines

Vautrin is CLOSED to submissions as of September 2, 2021. The guidelines below were applicable until September 1, 2021.

Gritty urban fiction.  Jim Gavin’s Middle Men, Mary Miller’s Always Happy Hour, or Becky Mandelbaum’s Bad Kansas are good examples of what we mean by this. If you’ve written a compelling short story, though, no need to worry too much about “gritty” or “urban.”  You may submit the story. 

Crime/Mystery Fiction. Genre fiction is a fit at Vautrin. But if you’ve written a good short story with crime fiction elements that doesn’t necessarily seem like genre fiction, it could still be a fit.

Ghosts. The Supernatural.  Balzac wrote The Wild Ass’s Skin, after all.  If old Honore tried it, so can we. And Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray is one of our favorites. A crime fiction story with supernatural elements might hit the mark.  Or any mix of the above. 

Literary Essays. We’re interested in essays that talk about contemporary crime fiction, or essays that walk the path between, say, 19th century fiction and fiction in the here and now. We like symbolic inquiry.  If you’ve written something interesting and would like to publish it in Vautrin, you may submit it.  

If you’d like an inside track on the type of fiction we tend to publish, the most recent issue of the magazine is available here:

Fiction should be no longer than 6,000 words. 

Essays should be no longer than 5,000 words. 

No flash fiction. 

No reprints.

Limit one short story or essay submission per writer.

$130.00 and two contributor’s copies for fiction over 2,000 words.

$65.00 and two contributor’s copies for fiction under 2,000 words.

$50.00 and two contributor’s copies for literary essays.

Address submissions to Todd Robins and send to:

We hope to hear from you.

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