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A Semi-Chronicle of Phenomena and Hearsay Surrounding the Winter 2021 Issue of Vautrin

Guy walks up to you in the potato chip aisle.  Looks like he’s had a rough week.  He starts in that he was throwing bread to the ducks when someone snatched his vaping pen.  He gave chase but tripped on a small lizard.  Hit his head on splintery plywood.

Which is when… it’s like he saw the moons of Jupiter…

He heard shots, sirens off in the distance. Came to in the throes of a noir jones. Not to mention he was in a different town.  It’s the one he’s in now, talking to you. Can you loan him twelve bucks to buy Vautrin?

This is not the kind of pitch you typically go for, but here’s the thing: a couple months back, someone stole your vaping pen as you gave a stray cat a saucer of milk.

In this issue:

Blair Kroeber * Saira Viola * Alison Katon * Brian Silverman * Leslie Elman * Michael Bracken * Emilee Prado * Albert Tucher * Scott Phillips * Wendy Purcell * Paul J. Garth * Rob Pierce * James Sallis * Divya Mehrish * Paul Dee Fecteau * Bruce Jacobs

Due out mid-to-late November.

Pre-order information available soon.

The spirits think the portents might be favorable, that shipping, etc., will run smoothly, but…

We’re staying with Epictetus: “Embrace what you actually get.”

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